For the past year, the Viro platform has been open source. During this period, a robust community of contributors has pushed the Viro platform forward, by maintaining compatibility, removing legacy dependencies, and adding much-needed features.

Active development for Viro is now occurring at the Viro Community fork, and we encourage all Viro developers to get the latest updates there ->

There is also an active Viro Community Discord group to help developers troubleshoot issues and build up the Viro platform ->

The original Viro team, unfortunately, is unable to continue developing the platform. But the enthusiasm for Viro, and the dedicated community that has formed around it, gives us confidence that the platform will continue to grow. As our final contribution to AR and VR development, we are releasing support for Oculus Quest for ViroReact and ViroCore. This platform extension is also open source and we hope the community embraces Quest development with Viro.

ViroReact for Quest ->

ViroCore for Quest ->

We are very thankful that the community of Viro developers has taken up the mantle and will continue to enable developers to build amazing AR and VR applications. We’ve been truly awed by the hundreds of AR/VR experiences built with this platform. This is an exciting time for the AR/VR industry, and we can’t wait to see what gets built next with Viro!

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